Maikel Peeman

Hi! My name is Maikel and I am a 22 year old passionate athlete and student. Between the ages 15-18 I was a national level runner, due to some unfortunate injuries I came in contact with cycling and later swimming, which resulted in me training for triathlons not long after my first few laps in the pool!

I live along the southern North Sea coast in The Netherlands which makes loving cycling very easy and a beautiful sport due to the nice views. While cycling I was annoyed that my phone, coins, keys and tools were all loose in my shirt’s pocket. This resulted in using small freezer bags, but those aren’t quite optimal because my keys could still ruin my phone!

That’s when the idea came to develop the all-weather Pack Essentials Case. A handy water resistant pouch with multiple slots for different uses. Because I am still studying there was quite some time left in my schedule to start this business and try to develop it into something to be proud of. We now run this company with a passion since September 2019.

Thank you for visiting our website! See you on the bike!


Stefan Peeman

Hey there!

Let me introduce myself: I’m Stefan, 24 years old, born and raised in the Netherlands. I have always had a big passion for sports, with cycling in particular. After following the cycling races and riders closely for a long time, I tried my hand at racing myself. Racing bikes was an amazing experience which has provided me with amazing memories and experiences.

After some time, I discovered that there were no good options to bring my phone, keys, cash and other essentials in a safe, protected and stylish manner. After some discussion with my brother we decided to take it into our own hands to come up with a solution: The Pack.

The Pack was created out of a need to keep our phone protected from water, dirt and sweat and still have plenty of room for cash, keys and some materials. We decided to come up with three cool, colorful, designs. In September 2019 we founded our company and since then we have worked hard to bring cyclists a more functional and stylish way to bring all their cycling essentials.

Thank you for visiting our website!